Blanket 200cm x 150 cm

Blanket 200cm x 150 cm

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Edskea makes "design statement" for Mother Earth


Contributing with Home Deco products from recycled PET bottles!


February 2020 - At the end of last year, the world was once again shaken by violent forest fires in Australia. The ice sheets may melt and give us a chance in the near future greater disaster. These are just a few confrontational examples;


Mother Earth gives clear signals, but what are we really doing with that?


 Edskea offers a stylish guidance to those who would like to contribute to a better world.


Tribute through pixels


On a stormy day in June (; -) Edskea, together with her Australian husband and three daughters, made a walk along the Amsterdam canals that she so loves.


A  local natural disaster just occurred in her own "backyard":  countless giants of trees had broken off like hardwoods by the strong gusts of wind, dying with their full green crowns in the canal.


Edskea took some pictures, actually at the time purely out of respect for what these trees were for urban nature. She then worked with the pixels of the photos a few works of art on her computer at home. That ultimately resulted in three unique artpieces the "Axed Wood Chips" designs.


Replanting with blankets and pillows


Less than half a year after this experience in Amsterdam, almost the whole of Australia was on fire.


Countless forests were destroyed, including forests where Luke had played as a child, had climbed, played hide and seek, where his family still lives. The grief about this turned Edskea into support for recovery: she turned the Axed Wood Chips in 3-D printing on velvet blankets and pillows, made from recycled PET bottles. To be crawl under it nicely, to use it as a comforting agent, and at the same time as decorative interior piece. They are for sale and with your purchase you not only have a piece old nature from Amsterdam, but you also support the organization Justdiggit with their Regreen Revolution.