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RAINBOW ROAD While I was drinking a cup of coffee in Utrecht with my daughter in the Bijenkorf, I took a picture of the spectacle that was taking place under our window.


At that moment my daughter asked, "Mommy, what is happiness?" Looking at Dick Bruna's rainbow zebra crossing inspired by Escher, this new work was created there. I said something like; happiness dear, I think is the process of life itself.


The road itself. The way to a set goal. The road of development and by embracing change the happy road has many twists and turns.


But the happy road also has many new perspectives, turning points and insights. The road can be shaped by yourself and can be molded. I also believe that we can be inspired by each other on the happy path. That happy path, I think, takes mostly place in our own heads. RAINBOW ROAD Dimension 200 x 100 cm


Limited signed edition printed on beautiful museum quality photo paper. The final artwork is pressed between dibond and 4mm thick UV perspex. With an aluminum hanging frame at the back, which makes the work seem to float a few centimeters in front of the wall.


3500,- euro