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EDSKEA is a digital visual artist based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

EDSKEA creates unique digital fineart pieces, design carpets and motion visuals for live events.

Each fineart print is one-of-a- kind, so without reprints.

With each work of art, EDSKEA expresses feelings and experiences that are autobiographical and also universal.

Creating art helps EDSKEA create harmony within herself.

EDSKEA hopes it will do the same for you.



This is the story of EDSKEA.

EDSKEA started her art career after graduating from the Art Academy Amsterdam and Den Haag

with 7 Carpet designs, by launching an exhibition of large-scale digital canvas prints at the Supperclub

in Amsterdam. An encounter with a photographer at EDSKEA's very first exhibit introduced her to the

infinite possibilities of digital art.


The unusual, vibrant, larger-than-life prints EDSKEA made captured the eye of Amsterdam’s most influential

creators, photographers, artists, musicians, and media personalities. One of them invited EDSKEA to

“VJ”—to create motion visual art for a party at one of the city’s most famous clubs.

 Without even knowing what a VJ was, EDSKEA seized the opportunity and simply said yes. Without knowing

it, EDSKEA was also saying yes to a 25 year-career in motion visual art.



EDSKEA's work as a digital visual artist Since then, her work has taken her from the Netherlands

to Miami, New York, Kuala Lumpur, Paris, Cannes, Berlin, Mexico, and Cape Town.


The Rijks Museum, Amsterdam and The Van Gogh Museum, Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, Felix Meritis Foundation

and Wereld Museum Rotterdam and Modern Art museum Den Bosch have all featured EDSKEA works of art.


As EDSKEA's alter ego, VJ ED, she created visual experiences for venues like the Gelredome, Supperclub, Club Arena,

Paradiso, Melkweg, and Club Bed in Miami, club Queen in Paris and for clients like Stuyvesant, Playboy, Twix, Heineken, Mc Collignon and ING.

EDSKEA worked with the music industry’s biggest names, such as DJ Tiesto, Don Diablo and GoldFish.

EDSKEA created visuals for massive industry events such as the Amsterdam Dance Event, Sensation, Mysteryland

LibertyPop, and the Miami Winter Music Conference, each attended by tens of thousands of people.


As a VJ at global events for Dance4Life, EDSKEA used her motion visual art to spread AIDS awareness and

raise funds for AIDS victims in more than 40 countries.

 Through the years, EDSKEA gone from creating motion visual arts to total visual concepts and multi-sensory

event experiences, evolving not just as an artist but also as a creative director.

Why EDSKEA creates digital visual art

Digital art introduced EDSKEA to a spontaneous, playful way of creating and connecting to people, then

uplifting them and making them feel good inside. EDSKEA made it her life’s work to understand how to

communicate positively through visual art:

how to use colors, shapes and motion to create harmony within herself and others.


EDSKEA believes in the power and fun of positive communication.

Before we can implement a change to a better self, we must visualize it.

And EDSKEA believes in the transformative power of art: that it can help us express our

innermost feelings, make sense of our most difficult experiences, and then let them go.

EDSKEA's art reflects an ongoing journey of letting go and moving forward.

Will you come on this journey with EDSKEA?

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